The GutterCare 11 Point Preventative Maintenance Plan

1. Check the gutter system for blockages. Remove any found immediately.

2. Remove any silt as this can reduce the flow rate performance of the guttering system.

3. Where a shoe is fixed onto the bottom of the down pipe, we will ensure that it is cleared of leaves and other debris.

4. Clear all outlets of any build up of leaves or other debris.

5. Ensure that the guttering is correctly located within the fittings.

6. Check that all fascia brackets, holding clips and pipe clips are supporting the gutter and down pipe in the correct position and are not damaged.

7. Check that all stopends and any adaptors to rainwater systems on adjoining properties are correctly positioned.

8. Where wooded fascia boards are used, check that they have not rotted and that the fixings holding the rainwater system are secure.

9. Where special brackets are used for rafter fixing or directly into the masonry ensure that the fixings are secure and are not damaged.

10. Check all fixing lugs on the gutter unions, corners, fascia brackets and running outlets. replace any that have cracked or broken.

11. Check all screws and fixings to ensure that they are tight. Replace any that are damaged or severely rusted.

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