Anti-Roosting Spikes

Pigeonproof Anti-Roosting Spikes prevent pigeons from perching on your property without hurting them. 'Pigeonproof' spikes are now the pest control industry's preferred method of protecting your building. The spikes are simply glued onto any window, pipe or ledge where pigeons siot; the dense pattern of protruding pins make it impossible for pigeons to land - moving them elsewhere without hurting them. Available in two types as shown below:

raindrop Point 4 Plastic - A durable all polycarbonate spike which has the added advantage of being ultra violet stabilised, fully protecting it against the sun's rays. A tried and tested product, probably the most aggresive pigeon anti-roosting spike available.

raindrop Point 4 Steel - The same durable polycarbonate base but with 4 rows of stainless steel pins protruding at 4 different angles. Works just as well as the plastic version. However in some situations it may be slightly less visible than the all polycarbonate spike.

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